Top 5 Solutions to USB to HDMI Adapter Not Working

Do you want to connect a device with an HDMI port to your computer, but just find that your computer lacks an HDMI port? That will be fine. You can still use a USB to HDMI adapter to convert your information quickly. But what if the USB to HDMI adapter doesn’t work? It will drive people crazy. Don’t worry. If you’re having trouble with the HDMI adapter, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you some effective solutions to fix your USB to HDMI adapter that is not working.

Why is the USB to HDMI adapter not working?

If your HDMI adapter isn’t working, you need to test it and figure out why your USB to HDMI adapter has this problem. You may encounter the problem for the following reasons:

Your computer has a compatibility problem with the HDMI adapter, so it can’t automatically detect the HDMI adapter.

The computer hardware problem.

The damaged USB port on your computer.

The adapter is broken and you need to change it to a new one.

Method 1: Rollback or Update the Windows version

Rollback Windows to the previous version

If you find that the HDMI adapter doesn’t work, you can choose to roll back the previous Windows version. Here you can see the guide:

Rollback Windows to the previous version
  • Click the Window icon to open Settings.
  • Click the Update & Security option.
  • Select the Recovery option on the left side of the window.
  • Go back to the previous version of Windows, and then click the Get Started button to change the previous computer version.

Then restart your computer and connect your HDMI adapter to see if it can work or not.

If this problem still can’t be fixed, you can change Windows to a new version.

Update Windows to the latest version

If you find that your HDMI adapter is not working, you can try to fix this problem by updating your computer version. And you can follow these steps to make your HDMI adapter compatible with your computer.

Update Windows to the latest version
  • On your computer, you need to navigate to Settings by pressing Win+I.
  • Select the Update & Security option.
  • Click the Windows Update option > Check for updates.
  • After you have updated your computer to a new version, restart it and see if you can successfully connect the HDMI adapter to your computer.

Method 2: Update USB to HDMI Driver

As we all know, a driver looks like a bridge between your computer and the device you want to connect to. It is possible that the incorrect or incompatible device driver causes a working problem on the USB to HDMI adapter. Here you need to update it to avoid this problem with the following guide.

Update USB to HDMI Driver
  • Launch the taskbar by right-clicking the Windows icon.
  • Select the Device Manager option in Windows.
  • Expand the Other Devices option in the Device Manager window.
  • Right-click on your USB device and select Update Driver.
  • There you go. You can update your driver to make the USB to HDMI adapter work effectively. If this method can’t solve your problem either, try another way below.

Method 3: Scan for hardware changes

If you find that the USB to HDMI adapter still can’t work on your device, you can scan for hardware changes to fix this problem.

Scan for hardware changes
  • Type Device Manager in the search box on the taskbar and select it from the menu.
  • Select your PC at the top of Device Manager.
  • Select the Action option and click the Scan for Hardware Changes option.
  • Once you have scanned for hardware changes, your computer can recognize an attached USB to HDMI adapter.

Method 4: Connect to an alternative USB port on your device or change a new USB to HDMI adapter

There may be a problem with the USB port on your computer. When you insert the USB port hundreds of times, the USB interface may become loose. Or your USB port has already been damaged or malfunctioned. Since there is more than one USB port on your computer or laptop, you can try another port to see if it works. If you try another port, it works. Congratulations, you just need to fix the physical damage port on your computer.

If you have changed to another USB port but find that it doesn’t work at all, there may be some problems with your adapter. So you can try to connect the HDMI adapter to another device. If the adapter still doesn’t work well with other devices, you need to change your adapter.

Method 5: Ask for technical support

Unfortunately, if any of the solutions listed above can’t help you solve the problem with your adapter. Maybe your adapter is fine, but there is something wrong with your computer. Here you need to contact the manufacturer’s technical support team to help you resolve the USB to HDMI adapter not working problem. You can get the phone number and email address of the support team on the after-sales service sheet. Or you can contact them via websites.

Other Methods to fix USB to HDMI Adapter not working issue

There are also other ways to fix the USB to HDMI adapter problem: You can manually download and install 3.0 USB to HDMI driver through a third party place. There are lots of professional tools for you to download and install compatible drivers, such as the EaseUS DriverHandy. And you can automatically detect and download USB to HDMI driver by driver updater.


All in all, there are many solutions for you to fix the problem of the USB to HDMI adapter not working in this article. If you find that your USB to HDMI adapter is not working, don’t panic. Try the tutorials above and see if they can help to fix the problem. If not, you should ask a professional technician to fix it. Wish you can successfully fix the HDMI issue with the above methods.