Data Recovery Master, Handle Data Loss for over 1,000 Scenarios

Professional data recovery expert saves you from any data loss including accidental deletion, formatting errors, virus attacks, and more

Software Crash

Suffering from a hardware malfunction and your digital data getting lost? ONERECOVERY helps to recover data with ease.

Accidental Human Deletion

Lost data if you shut down your computer incorrectly or deleted files by mistake.

Hard Drive Failure

After finding your hard disk does not respond anymore, you can recover data from the dead hard drive if your hard disk drive became dead.

Computer OS Crash

The computer frequently displays error messages like ‘blue screen of death’, ‘black screen of death’. ONERECOVERY recovers files from crashed Windows, PC, etc.

Virus Attacks

If you accidentally click on certain ads, your computer may be attacked by viruses or malware, which may corrupt your data.

Formatted Recovery

Recover the formatted hard drive whether it’s an HDD, SSD, SD Card, USB Drive, or more.

Data Transfer Interruption

The data in transit may not be fully uploaded to the storage device for some external reason.

Some Other Scenarios

An unexpected power failure, or sth like that may cause your data to get lost.
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Recover 1000+ Types of File Types from Multiple Storage Devices

The professional file recovery software helps you to recover lost data from almost all storage devices with ease, including HDD and SSD data recovery and laptop, desktop data recovery, and more.

Corrupted Videos & Photos Recovery

System Crashed Computer Recovery

HDD And SSD Data Recovery

Laptop&Desktop Data Recovery

SD Card&USB Data Recovery

Corrupted Videos & Photos Recovery

A double scan mode helps to thoroughly go through your lost video or photo file. Photo recovery software repairs damaged photos/videos of every format stored on various devices such as SD cards, hard drives, memory cards, and more to prevent you from losing them again.
Recover Photos/Videos in High Quality
A Dual-scan Mode
Support All Formats
A State-of-art Photo Recovery Solution
Multiple Devices Supported
Quick, Easy, and Secure Recovery

Retrieve your high-resolution photos/videos like ultra HD, 4K, and 8K videos and photos. Collect video fragments and recover them.

Recover Photos/Videos in High Quality

Retrieve your high-resolution photos/videos like ultra HD, 4K, and 8K videos and photos. Collect video fragments and recover them.

A Dual-scan Mode

A dual-scan mode provided by ONERECOVERY can retrieve every detail in your lost images.

Support All Formats

ONERECOVERY, the photo recovery tool, supports all main image formats and video formats.

A State-of-art Photo Recovery Solution

An advanced photo recovery technology trusted by many partners in the industry helps to recover photo and video data easily.

Multiple Devices Supported

Restore data from various devices like HDD, SSD, cameras, USB Drives, SD cards, and more devices.

Quick, Easy, and Secure Recovery

Photo recovery in easy 3 steps with fast and reliable photo and video recovery software

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Trusted by Million of Persons Due to These Reasons?

Millions of people have put their faith in ONERECOVERY because of its high success rate in recovering lost data, its ease of use, and its compatibility with a wide range of external devices.

Recover Data from Almost All Types of External Devices

The software recovers data from corrupt hard drives and formatted partitions with ease like SSD, HDD, SD card, USB, and more storage devices. It does a thorough search of your partitions and drives to locate and recover lost information.

Easy 3 Steps to Recovery Data

No need for complex steps to recover your lost data, ONERECOVERY helps you achieve that in minutes, Simple data recovery begins with launching the program and selecting a storage medium. When it happens, the entire database will be analyzed. Finally, after reviewing the results, select 'Recover' to restore every data.

95% Success Recovery Rate

Utilizing advanced device scan and identification technology, ONERECOVERY guarantees the highest data recovery success rate in the industry, retrieving data from over 500+ scenarios and saving you from the pain of data loss

Why ONERECOVERY is Trustworthy?

The ultimate and professional data recovery tool is reliable and 100% safe. With the high-tech data recovery tool, you can retrieve data from all devices or media deemed unrecoverable by others.


Based on superior data recovery technology, ONERECOVERY has accumulated more than one million users in over ten countries around the world. It helps you recover your lost data safely and quickly.


SSD, HDD, or other 2000+ external storage devices (such as USB flash drive, external hard disk, pen drive, drone, dashcam, camcorder, video/music player) are supported in ONERECOVERY.


ONERECOVERY supports over 1000 file formats, no matter whether it’s HFS+, APFS, or NTFS, all can be restored by the data recovery expert.


ONERECOVERY dedicates to being a user-friendly data recovery tool, it guarantees a 7-day money-back service if you have any problem with it.

24 x 7

We support 24 x 7 tech consult. So if you encounter any problems in the process of data recovery or loss, you can contact our technical support at any time and our technical specialist will answer your data questions one-on-one.


Data loss caused by software crashes, malware attacks, and other 500 scenarios can be successfully recovered with advanced data recovery tech.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is data recovery?

Data recovery is the process of retrieving data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. It first diagnoses the data loss, then carefully extracts the recoverable data using specialized tools and techniques. The recovered data is then saved to a different medium so it can be accessed again.

    How does file recovery software work?

    Data recovery software scans a storage device sector by sector to find and reconstruct lost or deleted data. It can retrieve files even if they were erased, corrupted or from formatted drives.

      How long does it take to recover my data?

      Typically, it takes one to two weeks for data recovery lab to conduct evaluation and data retrieval. More complex devices such as RAID servers, NAS devices, virtual machines, etc. can take much longer. However, with professional data recovery software like ONEREOCVERY, you can retrieve all data in only 3 steps. Simply select a location to scan, then preview and recover data in seconds.

        What kind of data can be recovered by ONERECOVERY?

        Data recovery software supports all major file types and data created on laptops, desktops, phones, storage media, and other digital devices can be targeted for recovery after data loss incidents. It can retrieve documents including Word, Excel and PDF, photos in JPEGs, RAW files from cameras, PNGs format, videos, emails, database files, music and more.

          Is it safe to use data recovery software?

          • Using ONERECOVERY or similar data recovery software is safe for several reasons.
          • These programs operate in a non-destructive way, meaning they only read data without making any changes, preserving existing files.
          • They also work in read-only mode, ensuring they don't interfere with vital system files or add new data. This minimizes the risk of further hardware damage as no physical interaction with the device is needed.
          • ONERECOVERY features a user-friendly interface and preview options, making it accessible even for non-tech-savvy users.
          • Keep in mind, for severe physical damage, professional data recovery services may be necessary. Always choose well-reviewed software, follow instructions closely, and avoid overwriting data. When in doubt, seek advice from a professional or contact customer support.

          Why should I choose ONERECOVERY?

          • ONERECOVERY is an all-in-one data recovery solution for various data loss scenarios. The software offers you diverse benefits, including:
          • • User-Friendly Interface: Our software with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface can make the data recovery process smoother, especially for users with limited technical expertise.
          • • Comprehensive File Format Support: ONERECOVERY is capable of recovering a wide range of file types to cater to various user needs.
          • • Quick and Efficient Scanning: Speed is crucial when it comes to data recovery. This data recovery software with fast scanning capabilities can save you time in the recovery process.
          • • Compatibility: ONERECOVERY is compatible with diverse operating system and the specific storage devices, including hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, etc.
          • • Reliable Customer Support: We offer good and prompt customer support whenever you run into any issues during the data recovery process.
          • • Safety Measures: ONERECOVERY operates in a non-destructive manner, ensuring it doesn't overwrite or alter existing data on your device.
          • • Positive User Reviews and Ratings: Check for feedback from other users to gauge the software's effectiveness and reliability.

          How much does data recovery cost?

          The cost of data recovery can vary greatly depending on the type of service required and the extent of the data loss. Personal software-based file recovery starts under $100, while professional lab recovery for extreme data loss cases can cost $3000 or more. However, you can free download our file recovery software to deep scan lost files, preview and retrieve them in only 3 steps!