3 Easy Steps of Laptop Data Recovery Using ONERECOVERY

With the help of this software, only several simple clicks are needed for laptop hard drive recovery.

Select a Location to Start

Find the location where your data lost and start searching. Also lost partitions are displayed here

Scan Your Computer or Device

Scan to retrieve your lost data. You can pause your recovery process temporarily and resume later. Use the filter to locate files easily

Preview and Recover Lost Data

Filter what you want to recover from the scanning results. Preview specific recovered files before recovery. Recover everything you need now

Offer You Comprehensive Data Recovery Solutions for Laptops

Recover deleted, lost, or damaged data, personal or business documents, music, photos, videos, and other files from internal and external.

Robust and Versatile Features

Unparalleled in Compatibility

Clearly-Featured Interface

Whether you're tech-savvy or a beginner, using ONERECOVERY is effortless, as it doesn’t require IT skills. The user-friendly interface enables everyone to restore lost data on laptop with simple clicks.

Dual Scan Models

There are two optional scan models are available for laptop hard drive recovery. The quick Scan model enables you to get your data back swiftly while the Deep Scan model is helpful for more complex data loss scenarios.

Intelligent File Sorting

The advanced algorithm is utilized to classify the files on your laptop. All the videos, photos, documents, and other files will be organized by their types. Then, you can efficiently find what you want to restore.

Preview Files of Any Size

Before the recovery of a large multimedia file, it’s better to preview it and confirm that you selected the right one. ONERECOVERY allows users to preview files without a limitation on file size.

High Success Rate

ONERECOVERY employed cutting-edge technology to ensure the rate of successful data recovery can be up to 95%. When you need to retrieve very important files on a laptop, it will be a go-to choice.

Preserve Quality of Files

ONERECOVERY offers an excellent solution for video and photo recovery on a laptop. In the data recovery process, it preserves the integrity of multimedia files, keeping their visual and content quality as good as their original states.

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Recover Data from Laptop Hard Drive Without Any Damage

One of the key features of this laptop data recovery software is recovering data without causing any damage or wear to both your files and laptop hard drive. Utilizing non-intrusive recovery techniques, ONERECOVERY ensures that your data will be retrieved while maintaining the health of the storage device.

Recover Data from Laptop with Added Assurance

Protection of Data Security and Privacy

ONERECOVERY pays a lot of attention to the security and privacy of user data. It utilizes advanced encryption protocols to safeguard sensitive information so that all your data will stay confidential throughout the entire recovery process.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Within the first 7 days after you purchase ONERECOVERY, it’s possible for you to get a full refund if you find this software cannot meet your needs in data recovery from laptop. This refund policy proved our confidence in the software's performance as well as provided you with a risk-free data recovery experience.

Thoughtful After-Sales Service

To ensure your good experience in data recovery, we promise you a considerate after-sales service. This ongoing support will be there whenever you face any trouble or need guidance. The professionals in our support team have extensive experience in providing users with troubleshooting assistance and customized solutions.

Reviews and Users Comment

Mavis J. Obryan

"Awesome software! Accidentally deleted a bunch of photos from a recent holiday - managed to get them all back from my SD card, even after I’ve wiped it AND took a 100 or so photos... Definitely saved a lot of memories!!"

Charles Mosley

“My son formatted my external hard disk by accident, thats an big disaster to me. Thanks to this program, i recover all the important data. Thanks so much. ”

Joseph George

“Evening before extremely important appointment the hard drive failed giving error ‘Cyclic Redundancy Error’ could not access the drive in Windows and the last backup did not have data needed. I installed the software and after scan it presented the folders I needed, and I get my lost data back.”

Ellen Owens

"A loose cable on my memory card reader caused the memory card to be "unsafely removed" from the computer. All the content disappeared from the card. After panicking, I spent the next 2 hours recovering my round 9 photos. Thank god @ONERECOVERY saved the day! "

Cheryl J. McGrail

"ONERECOVERY has earned my trust and gratitude. My SD card containing years of work-related documents was accidentally corrupted, and I was in a state of panic. However, this software recovered all my files with utmost precision. It’s a must-have tool for anyone who values their data. "

Matthew N. Jackson

"I have used a number of recovery programs including "MiniTool Software"(an excellent software). However, ONERECOVERY is in a new class of excellence. It recognizes my SD card deeply and recovers my video files that other software does not see. I’m so pleased to express my satisfaction!"

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I just lost my data?

  • The most important thing to do is to stop using the damaged media. If the damaged item is a hard disk continuing to use it can lead to more severe damage from the heads scraping the platters, this can make the recovery process very hard if not possible at all.

Is there a risk of overwriting data during the laptop data recovery process?

  • No. With the help of an advanced algorithm, ONERECOVERY minimized the risk of overwriting data. To avoid data overwriting to a greater extent, we recommend you install ONERECOVERY on a separate drive. It can increase the probability of keeping data integrity.

Can I recover data to the original drive?

  • Do not attempt data recovery on the original drive, since doing so could result in the overwriting of the missing information. Do it at your own peril if you must.

Can I recover data from laptop if the device has a virus or malware?

  • Yes. ONERECOVERY supports data recovery from a laptop that has a virus or malware. Our data recovery software works independently of the operating system and directly interacts with the physical sectors of the storage device so that it can easily restore your data regardless of the malware.

How to find a data recovery service near me?

  • Simply Google "data recovery near me" or "your city data recovery". Then check reviews and look for companies with strong reputations. If you can not find a good local data recovery service, you can recover data on your own. Free download ONERECOVERY data recovery software and scan recoverable files. It can retrieve files from laptop in all kinds of data loss scenarios.