Recover Lost Photos, Videos, Files from All Types of External Devices
ONERECOVERY retrieves data from corrupt hard drives and formatted partitions with ease like SSD, HDD, SD card, USB, and more storage devices. It does a thorough search of your partitions and drives to locate and recover lost files.

ONERECOVERY is a trump card product of TinyFrom Technology Limited, it provides the most comprehensive solutions to all types of data loss. Hard drive recovery(HDD recovery), photo&video recovery, system crash computer recovery, USB data recovery, SD card data recovery, etc. All of these methods for retrieving deleted files take no more than three simple steps to complete, and they all require almost minimal training time. With our advanced recovery tech, ONERECOVERY enables you to recover data from almost any data loss scenario, accidental human deletion, hard drive failure, computer OS crash, virus attacks, BSOD, and more.

Furthermore, ONERECOVERY is aimed at providing the one-stop solutions to address all computer&data problems, such as how to fix the computer that can't turn on, effective ways to back up your precious data, and more, you can get all computer knowledge through our Knowledge Base which is specially designed for people who are confused about their computer and data.

TinyFrom Technology Limited is a HK-based software development company that is responsible for ONERECOVERY. Applying advanced AI tech, we provide customers with professional and complete business software solutions in data recovery, PDF management, and image processing. Our image processing tool, AiPassportPhotos, now has gained more than 3 million users around the world, and has been used thousands of times per day. And the PDF management tool, ONEPDF, integrates a variety of PDF functions in one, including but not limited to compressing PDF, converting between PDF and other file formats, etc. It's a great helper to boost your productivity. Today, our applications have reached over 5 million downloads worldwide. Our innovative technology and intelligent staff make a big difference in your data security and integrity.