3 Steps - No Expert Skill Needed for Data Recovery on Mac

The intuitive interface of ONERECOVERY enables everyone to restore all disappeared data on Mac easily and efficiently. 

Select a Location

Launch ONERECOVERY and choose a location to start data recovery

Scan Your Device

Scan the data storage that contains that lost data all around for your lost or deleted files

Preview And Recover

Preview the recoverable data before downloading it to verify the accuracy of the results, and click ‘Recover’ button

Provide Efficient Solutions for Data Recovery for Mac

ONERECOVERY, a rich-featured data recovery tool for Mac, can overcome the challenges of data loss in various scenarios and meet the data recovery requirements for different types of users.

Comprehensive Features of ONERECOVERY

All-Encompassing Compatibility of ONERECOVERY

Optimized UI

The intuitive interface of ONERECOVERY makes the Mac file recovery process straightforward and accessible to individuals of all technical backgrounds.

Dual Scan Model

You can choose from two types of scan models - quick scan and deep scan. This dual scan model function tailors your Mac data recovery process to your specific requirements and offers a more thorough and extensive recovery effort.

Preview Files of Any Size

ONERECOVERY grants you the ability to preview the files before the recovery without a size limit. Ensuring you will only restore the essential ones, no matter if they are small documents or large multimedia files.

95% Rate of Success Recovery

The cutting-edge algorithms help ONERECOVERY to achieve a high rate of success in Mac hard drive recovery and storage device recovery. Whether the files experienced accidental deletion, disk formatting, or a system crash.

0 Hard Drive Wear

ONERECOVERY employs non-invasive and read-only techniques to secure the safety of both user data and hardware. That is why you won’t worry about any additional wear and tear caused to your hard drive.

100% Privacy Assured

This Mac data recovery software won’t access or collect your personal information. Users’ privacy is our primary concern so that your sensitive data will be protected from any potential data leak during the data recovery process.

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7-Day Money-Back Guarantee and After-Sales Service

Enjoy peace of mind with our 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee Policy on this data recovery tool for Mac. Besides that, dedicated after-sales service ensures you are completely satisfied with the results of data recovery.

Trustworthy Data Recovery Software that Tailored for Mac

Support Mac with Different Apple Silicon

ONERECOVERY runs smoothly on Mac systems equipped with various Apple Silicon processors, including M1, M2, T2, etc. This optimized support for various kinds of Apple Silicon makes this data recovery program to ensure data security.

Compatible with the Latest macOS Versions

We keep up with the pace at which Apple releases new versions. This is the reason why ONERECOVERY can be compatible with the latest versions, such as macOS Sonoma, Ventura, and Monterey. That means we will always offer Mac users state-of-the-art data recovery solutions.

Cover File Systems Available for Mac

This comprehensive Mac file recovery software is capable of retrieving data that is stored in various file systems, including Apple File System (APFS), Mac OS Extended (Journaled) (HFS+), File Allocation Table (FAT 12/16/32), etc.

Reviews and Users Comment

Ruth J. Jackson

"I was in a real pickle after moving my files to a new PC – couldn’t open a thing. Then I stumbled upon this recovery software. Miraculously, it managed to salvage all my data from the external disk. My heartfelt thanks to the team behind it!"

Jewel Milton

"Imagine my stress when a vital project got stuck in a messed-up partition. Thankfully, a tech-savvy friend of mine suggested ONERECOVERY data recovery software. It was like a digital hero, rescuing my important files from the inaccessible abyss. These folks deserve a medal!"

Kimberly King

"My heart sank when my SD card acted up and my camera footage seemed lost forever. But along came ONERECOVERY, a true lifesaver. It gave me back all those cherished videos, making me a believer in tech miracles!"

Mary J. Arroyo

"My Canon camera’s videos vanished into thin air after my daughter’s accidental tap. The panic was real until ONERECOVERY entered the scene. It showed its magic and brought those videos back to life. Thanks to this software!"

Conrad Setzer

"A mishap led to the deletion of 100 travel photos – talk about a gut-wrenching experience! I tried multiple tools, but only ONERECOVERY worked its charm. Simple to use and incredibly thorough in scanning my SD card. Grateful for this gem!"

John Calabro

"USB trouble hit hard – I couldn’t access my files, and had to format, and lost everything. Thankfully, ONERECOVERY came to the rescue. It was like a digital detective, restoring my lost files after a nerve-wracking ordeal. A must-have, especially for Windows 11 users!"

Frequently Asked Questions

How to retrieve photos on the Mac system?

  • For Mac users, you can recover photos using the Recently Deleted Folder, from Mac Trash, from a local backup,from iCloud or from third-party Mac data recovery software like ONERECOVERY, in easy 3 steps your data will be back.

How to recover deleted files from a Mac hard drive?

  • To recover files from your Mac’s hard drive, follow these steps:
  • 1. Download and install ONERECOVERY on a different disk than the one you will recover.
  • 2. Launch the app and select the drive.
  • 3. Click Recover to start scanning the drive for files.
  • 4. Review the list of recoverable files.
  • 5. Select the files you want and click Recover to restore them.

Does Mac have built in data recovery?

Yes. The built in data recovery feature on Mac is called "Time Machine". Time Machine is a backup application on macOS and allows users to automatically back up their entire computer system or specific files and data. It creates daily backups of your Mac, which can be used for data recovery in case of accidental deletion, file corruption, or hardware failure.

    How do I protect my Mac from future data loss after a recovery process?

    It's important and necessary to take actions to prevent future data loss on your Mac. Here're some useful tips:
    1. Set up automated backups using Time Machine or other backup software to ensure your data is consistently backed up.
    2. Consider offsite backups, such as storing backups in a different location or using cloud-based backup applications.
    3. Use Reliable Antivirus Software to gain necessary protect.
    4. Keep your macOS and all installed software up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates.
    5. Be cautious with Email attachment and links just in case your Mac is under attack.
    6. Secure your wi-fi network.
    7. Regulary check for hardware issues.

      How to recover emptied Trash on Mac?

      When you delete a file on a Mac, it goes into the Trash and is temporarily stored there. The file won't disappear until you empty the Trash. Here's how you can recover files from the Trash:
      1. Open the Trash
      2. Select the deleted files you want to recover.
      3. Right click on the selected files and choose "Put Back" from the menu.
      Sometimes the Trash might be emptied accidentally. In this moment. you may use ONECOVERY to restore the deleted files from Trash.

        Is it safe to recover hard disk on Mac using ONERECOVERY?

        Yes, ONERECOVERY will restore your data from your Mac securely and efficiently. The encryption protocols we employed are advanced. In other words, this Mac data recovery software uses non-invasive techniques throughout the whole recovery process.