3 Steps To Retrieve Data With Best Data Recovery Software for Windows

ONERECOVERY is aiming at providing a more straightforward data recovery process with no learning costs, as a result, you need only 3 steps to retrieve lost data back

Select a Location

Launch ONERECOVERY and choose a location to start data recovery

Scan Your Device

Scan the data storage that contains that lost data all around for your lost or deleted files

Preview And Recover

Preview the recoverable data before downloading it to verify the accuracy of the results, and click ‘Recover’ button

Tech Space&Recover Data From Any Data Loss Situation

Let’s dive into the world of data and tech, and get to know what cause your precious data loss

Any Data Loss Scenarios

Tech Space

Effective File Recovery Software to Restore Files in Any Data Loss Situation

Professional data recovery software for Windows helps you to retrieve valuable data from any data loss scenarios such as hardware failure, virus attacks, software crashes, accidental deletions, and formatted

Recover Deleted/Lost Files

› Use Shift + Delete to delete files
› Right-click the menu or just select 'Delete'
› Clear or format Recycle Bin

Formatted Drive Recovery

› Unexpectedly erase storage device
› Press Win + X and select "Disk Management, and select "Format"
› Drive initialization

Restore Partition

› Accidentally deleted Partition
› Improper partitioning
› Mechanical or electronic failures of the hard drive

Retrieve Files after the Wrong Operation

› Incorrectly cut, copy, move
› Close or pull out the drive during writing data
› Restore factory settings

Restore after hardware failures

› Faulty components, poor connections, or weak soldering joints
› Excessive heat
› Power surges and fluctuations

Other Reasons for File Recovery

› Virus attacks
› Hard Drive/Software crashed, or Windows reinstall
› Other unknown reasons

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How long does ONERECOVERY take to scan and recover lost data in sd card?

Equipped with advanced data processing technology, ONERECOVERY can scan and recover your lost data in 5 minutes. So no more waiting and annoying, ONERECOVERY guarantees the smooth and enjoyable data recovery process.

The Finest Data Recovery Software Provide Superlative Support and Results

95% high successful recovery rate, enjoyable data recovery experience, ONERECOVERY is acclaimed by users due to its professional performance

Intuitive Interface And Straightforward Recovery Process

With the best data recovery software, no technical expertise is needed; the user-friendly interface guides you through the recovery journey, making data retrieval a breeze. Additionally, ONERECOVERY has lightning-fast recovery speeds, reducing downtime and restoring your valuable files quickly.

Work on Almost All Windows System

ONERECOVERY data recovery software helps you recover lost and deleted files in 3 steps and minutes. What truly distinguishes ONERECOVERY from other competitors is its remarkable compatibility, working seamlessly across a wide spectrum of Windows systems, including the latest Windows 11 as well as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and more.

Excellent Search Result And Filtering Options Available

With the powerful technology used in ONERECOVERY, your file will go through two stages of scanning, Quick Scan and Deep Scan, which allow you to recover all of your lost data. In addition, to help you find your lost file in the shortest amount of time, ONERECOVERY offers many filtering options, such as File Status and File Type, to help you pinpoint lost data more effectively.

Reviews and Users Comment

Ruth J. Jackson

"I was in a real pickle after moving my files to a new PC – couldn’t open a thing. Then I stumbled upon this recovery software. Miraculously, it managed to salvage all my data from the external disk. My heartfelt thanks to the team behind it!"

Jewel Milton

"Imagine my stress when a vital project got stuck in a messed-up partition. Thankfully, a tech-savvy friend of mine suggested ONERECOVERY data recovery software. It was like a digital hero, rescuing my important files from the inaccessible abyss. These folks deserve a medal!"

Kimberly King

"My heart sank when my SD card acted up and my camera footage seemed lost forever. But along came ONERECOVERY, a true lifesaver. It gave me back all those cherished videos, making me a believer in tech miracles!"

Mary J. Arroyo

"My Canon camera’s videos vanished into thin air after my daughter’s accidental tap. The panic was real until ONERECOVERY entered the scene. It showed its magic and brought those videos back to life. Thanks to this software!"

Conrad Setzer

"A mishap led to the deletion of 100 travel photos – talk about a gut-wrenching experience! I tried multiple tools, but only ONERECOVERY worked its charm. Simple to use and incredibly thorough in scanning my SD card. Grateful for this gem!"

John Calabro

"USB trouble hit hard – I couldn’t access my files, and had to format, and lost everything. Thankfully, ONERECOVERY came to the rescue. It was like a digital detective, restoring my lost files after a nerve-wracking ordeal. A must-have, especially for Windows 11 users!"

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ‘Quick Scan’ differ from ‘Deep Scan’?

  • ‘Quick Scan’ performs a faster scan on your selected drive or volume. This scan mode is utilised whenever possible when a Windows-based storage disc has experienced data loss or destruction. ‘Deep Scan’ is the full and comprehensive scan of your drive, it takes a longer search to maximize recovery in tough cases of data loss such as drive formatting, corruption, etc. Deep Scan is particularly useful for recovering the files that couldn’t be found with Quick Scan.

Can I recover data from a crashed Windows system?

  • Absolutely yes! You can absolutely recover data from a crashed Windows system, and ONERECOVERY is the ultimate solution you need. As the top-tier data recovery software for Windows, ONERECOVERY excels in swiftly retrieving lost data from crashed computers. In just seconds, it efficiently scans and recovers your valuable files. Click here to know the specific steps to recover data from a crashed Windows system.

What’s the requirements before downloading ONERECOVERY for Windows?

  • If you want to install and run ONERECOVERY for Windows, the minimum required specifications are as follows:
  • ·Operating Systems: Windows 1110/8.1/8/7/Vista, Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012/2008/2003
  • ·RAM: 2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)
  • ·CPU: 1Ghz or above (32bit or 64bit)
  • ·Hard Disk Space: 150MB minimum space for installing
  • ·System Type: 64-bit operating system