Straightforward 3 Steps for Computer Data Recovery

ONERECOVERY is dedicated to simpler, easier, and safer technology of data recovery for computers.

Select A Device

Launch ONERECOVERY and choose a location to start data recovery

Scan Your Device

Scan the data storage all around for your lost or deleted files

Recover Your Data

Preview the results and click ‘Recover’ to get all your data back

Support PC Data Recovery for Various Scenarios and Devices

ONERECOVERY can successfully recover desktop data from the following scenarios and devices.

Retrieve Data From Diverse Scenarios

Restore Files on Different Devices

Reinstall Windows Without Saving Files

The reinstallation of the operating system may cause desktop data loss in the overwriting and configuration process. ONERECOVERY is capable of restoring the formatted data while keeping its original quality.

Delete Files by Accident

If you delete important files by accident, it is advisable to recover your data soon in case the data overwrites. ONERECOVERY is what you need as it enables you to restore data on PC efficiently.

Virus or Malware Attack

Because of the non-intrusive techniques it uses in the data recovery process, ONERECOVERY can perform the actions independently on your computer hard drive. That is why it’s available for data loss caused by virus attacks.

Operating System Crash

A sudden OS crash may cause the loss of unsaved data in volatile memory, like RAW. As ONERECOVERY supports retrieving data from RAW, it can be the go-to choice to recover what you need in this situation.

Partition Loss

Sometimes the partition of your desktop device may be lost due to various reasons. Meanwhile, your important files stored in this partition will become inaccessible. This is where ONERECOVERY can come into play.

Disk Corruption

The disk corruption may damage the file system structure and lead to data loss. Luckily, ONERECOVERY enables you to recover the files on your PC with several simple clicks.

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Several Useful Tips to Prevent Data Loss

First, back up crucial files automatically with scheduled backup software. Second, eject the external storage device before disconnecting. Third, manage files carefully to avoid accidental loss of data. Last, back up your hard drive before formatting or a major Windows update.

Data Recovery Software for All Desktop Computers

Wide Range of Compatibility

ONERECOVERY can retrieve data or files from almost all operating systems including Windows, MacOS, Linux. Sophisticated scanning algorithms support file recovery from virtually all disk-based storage devices and file systems including FAT12/32, NTFS, NTFS5,exFAT, HFS, HFS+, APFS, ext2/3/4, RAW.

Real-time & Free Preview

The real-time preview of ONERECOVERY ensures that you can recover your files with minimal delay. As soon as you initiate the recovery process, our software works tirelessly in the background, scanning your storage devices and swiftly identifying the lost or deleted files. Besides, we understand the frustration of not being able to preview your recovered files before restoring them, as it often leads to uncertainty and potential data loss. ONERECOVERY eliminates this concern entirely by offering a comprehensive preview functionality at no additional cost.

100% Privacy Guarantee

ONERECOVERY have developed the file recovery tool with an unwavering commitment to protecting your personal and confidential data. So you can rest assured that your files remain completely secure throughout the recovery process.

Reviews and Users Comment

Jerry S. Lutz

"After purchasing the software, it was simple to set up and recover all of my lost data from two HDD in RAW format. Excellent solution for anyone experiencing data loss; I whole heartedly endorse it."

Robert Moffatt

“This video restoration service has been used to fix videos in a variety of formats, and it has always been effective. ONERECOVERY is quite helpful, and it even provides a free preview of the recovered file.”

Jeannie Criswell

“I’ve tried other video recovery tools before, but ONERECOVERY is by far the best. It’s fast, reliable, and the privacy guarantee is a big plus. Two thumbs up!”

Ellen Owens

"A loose cable on my memory card reader caused the memory card to be "unsafely removed" from the computer. All the content disappeared from the card. After panicking, I spent the next 2 hours recovering my round 9 photos. Thank god @ONERECOVERY saved the day! "

Cheryl J. McGrail

"ONERECOVERY has earned my trust and gratitude. My SD card containing years of work-related documents was accidentally corrupted, and I was in a state of panic. However, this software recovered all my files with utmost precision. It’s a must-have tool for anyone who values their data. "

Matthew N. Jackson

"I have used a number of recovery programs including "MiniTool Software"(an excellent software). However, ONERECOVERY is in a new class of excellence. It recognizes my SD card deeply and recovers my video files that other software does not see. I’m so pleased to express my satisfaction!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Desktop files stored?

  • By default, your Desktop is tied to your user account. Each account has its own unique desktop. If your account name is Name, for instance, the path will look something like C:UsersNameDesktop. When you save a file to your Desktop, you will be able to find it in this folder. Besides, the location where your Desktop files are actually stored can be changed manually. To do this just right click on your Desktop folder and in the tab Location you can change where you want to store your Desktop. If the path is changed, the Desktop will still look the same but all files will be in a separate location.

Can you recover unsaved or deleted WPS documents in Desktop?

  • Yes, unsaved or deleted Word, Powerpoint or Excel documents can be easily recovered. Document recovery software can efficiently retrieve lost, deleted or corrupted WPS documents on Windows PC and Mac. To recover unsaved files, you can check the Pop-up, Backup Management or Recent Option. WPS also has inbuilt Restore Previous Versions feature to get files back.

How do I undo a delete on my desktop?

  • If you’ve just deleted files from your desktop the easiest way to undo deletion is by pressing undo key combination Ctrl+Z.

How to back up desktop files in Windows 10 automatically?

  • Using professional data backup software for Windows to backup Desktop files in Windows 10 will be efficient. Using a tool, you could flexibly choose the folder, specify backup frequency, add Share or NAS drives, etc.

What types of desktop data can be recovered?

  • Generally, any type of file can potentially be recovered, including documents, photos, videos, music, emails, etc. Data recovery software can work on hard drives from desktops and laptops, external hard drives, SSDs, USB flash driver, SD card and any other storage devices. The recovery success rate depends on the type of data loss and condition of the storage media.

How does desktop data recovery work?

  • When you delete any file, it will be removed to recyle bin. Its recovery option allows you to restore files that have been sent there. But when you delete the file from the recycle bin, its path will not be accessible to you. The computer operating system will remove the path, which usually provide the access to the file. The path will remain hidden until when the deleted files become overwritten by new ones. Desktop data recovery software works by scanning the storage device to look for recoverable data. It reveals the exact sequence of the binary numbers and rearrange them to expose the deleted files.

What are the steps to retrieve deleted files from computer?

  • First of all, you need to choose a powerful data recovery software that is compatible with your OS, such as ONERECOVERY. Install it on your device and then launch it. Then, you need to select the location where the data was stored. After that, the software will scan your computer and you only need to choose the files you need and recover them.