Quickly And Safely Recover Lost Data in Only 3 Easy Steps

ONERECOVERY is aiming at providing a more straightforward data recovery process with no learning costs, as a result, you need only 3 steps to retrieve lost data back

Select a Location

Launch ONERECOVERY and choose a location to start data recovery

Scan Your Device

Scan the data storage that contains that lost data all around for your lost or deleted files

Preview And Recover

Preview the recoverable data before downloading it to verify the accuracy of the results, and click ‘Recover’ button

One-Stop Solution to All Your Data Recovery Needs

ONERECOVERY can handle over 500+ file loss or corruption scenarios, freeing you from data loss concerns

Causes of File Corruption

Tips to Prevent File Corruption

Causes of File Corruption on Computer

Files corrupted due to infected system, bad sectors, viruses or failed software? Don't worry- ONERECOVERY can recover corrupted files from all storage devices on Windows through best-in-class recovery technology!

Software Bugs

Software bugs may lead to unintended behavior in applications or operating systems. When these bugs affect how files are read, written, or manipulated, they can result in data corruption. For example, a bug might cause an application to improperly close a file after writing, leaving the data incomplete or inconsistent.

Virus or Malware Attack

If your software is attacked by malware or viruses, your files may also be corrupted because these malicious programs can modify or delete files, leading to file corruption or get lost.

Operating System Errors

Sometimes, when the underlying software that manages hardware and runs applications encounters problems, operating system faults occur. If the operating system crashes, freezes, or experiences glitches during file operations, data can be left in an inconsistent state, leading to file corruption.

Bad Sectors on Storage Media

Bad sectors are areas on a storage device (such as a hard drive or SSD) that have become physically damaged and are unable to reliably store data. When files are stored on these bad sectors, they can become unreadable or corrupt.

Memory Errors

If your computer’s RAM experiences issues, this may lead to memory errors. Faulty RAM modules can lead to data being written to or read from incorrect memory addresses, resulting in file corruption.

File Manipulation Errors

File manipulation errors occur when files are accidentally or improperly modified by users or applications. For instance, if you edit a file using a text editor and inadvertently delete or overwrite crucial parts of the content, the file might become corrupted and unreadable.

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In What Data Loss Scenario Can Recovery Software Help?

Our best data recovery software can address 500+ data loss scenarios, including accidental file deletion, corrupted file systems, lost, deleted, RAW pratition, disk failure, virus attack, or formatted storage devices.

More Fantastic Features for an Improved Data Recovery Experience

Free download, quick & specific location scan, superior file preview for successful data recovery! No matter how you lost your data, ONERECOVERY can help retrieve important documents, photos, videos, emails in minutes.

95% File Recovery Success Rate

ONERECOVERY offers a 95% file recovery success rate by utilising advanced device scan and recognition technologies, rescuing data from over 500+ scenarios and relieving you of the agony of data loss.

Previews And Thumbnails Before Recovery

To ensure you can get the lost data accurately after the scanning process is finished, ONERECOVERY provides preview and thumbnails to you before starting recovering. This preview-before-recovery method saves users time and provides them with a enjoyable data recovery process.

Deep, Intelligent And Fast Scan For All Lost Data

As a professional data recovery software, ONERECOVERY provides a deep and fast scan for all your lost data. It supports to scan an entire disk or a specific file path, and it’s able to recover a single file, multiple files even folders.

Reviews and Users Comment

Ruth J. Jackson

"I was in a real pickle after moving my files to a new PC – couldn’t open a thing. Then I stumbled upon this recovery software. Miraculously, it managed to salvage all my data from the external disk. My heartfelt thanks to the team behind it!"

Jewel Milton

"Imagine my stress when a vital project got stuck in a messed-up partition. Thankfully, a tech-savvy friend of mine suggested ONERECOVERY data recovery software. It was like a digital hero, rescuing my important files from the inaccessible abyss. These folks deserve a medal!"

Kimberly King

"My heart sank when my SD card acted up and my camera footage seemed lost forever. But along came ONERECOVERY, a true lifesaver. It gave me back all those cherished videos, making me a believer in tech miracles!"

Mary J. Arroyo

"My Canon camera’s videos vanished into thin air after my daughter’s accidental tap. The panic was real until ONERECOVERY entered the scene. It showed its magic and brought those videos back to life. Thanks to this software!"

Conrad Setzer

"A mishap led to the deletion of 100 travel photos – talk about a gut-wrenching experience! I tried multiple tools, but only ONERECOVERY worked its charm. Simple to use and incredibly thorough in scanning my SD card. Grateful for this gem!"

John Calabro

"USB trouble hit hard – I couldn’t access my files, and had to format, and lost everything. Thankfully, ONERECOVERY came to the rescue. It was like a digital detective, restoring my lost files after a nerve-wracking ordeal. A must-have, especially for Windows 11 users!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ONERECOVER a free data recovery software?

  • ONERECOVERY offers a free downloadable data recovery software that allows you to scan and preview recoverable files. However, to actually restore and export the files, you need to purchase a license key. The free scanner lets you validate it can find your lost data before purchasing. While the scan and file identification is free, the software itself is not free to use for final file recovery and export.

Can I recover specific type of files using ONERECOVERY?

  • Yes, ONERECOVERY can retrieve all kind of files including photos, videos, documents, email and audio files. You can select file location including desktop, recycle bin, usb flash drive, SD card, enable file type filter before free scanning and preview the found files before recovery.

Does free data recovery software affect the original data?

  • Free file recovery tools are read-only and would not affect the original data in any way. However, it's advisable to retrieve data to another drive than the source. Avoid installing recovery software on the problem drive.

Are there any limits to free file recovery tool?

  • The main limits are on the amount of data recovered and types of storage devices supported. Most free tools can only retrieve a few hundred MBs or GBs at most. They don't support advanced RAID or virtual machine recovery. Thankfully, ONERECOVERY is a 100% secure file recovery software for Windows and Mac users, supporting free download, scan and preview. Simply launch ONERECOVERY and recover permanently deleted files from 2000+ storage devices.

Is it safe to use free data recovery software?

  • It depends on the specific software you're using, the type of damage to your storage device and other factors. Generally, top free recovery software from established companies are safe to use if you download them from official websites. ONERECOVERY can recover deleted documents, photos, videos, emails and other files from recycle bin, HDD, SSD, USB, SD card and more. Whether your data get lost due to formatting, accidental deletion, OS crash, virus attack, it has got you covered! Free download & scan now!