Quick & Simple Operation Steps to Recover Data from Lost Partition

Download and install ONERECOVERY first. Lost partition recovery is easy with ONERECOVERY; just follow these 3 steps


Download and launch ONERECOVERY first, and select a location to start recovering files

Start Scanning

ONERECOVERY will start scanning the lost or deleted partition to restore your lost data files

Preview And Recover

You can preview images, videos, music, documents, Excel, PPT, and PDFs that were retrieved after the scan is complete

The Best Partition Recovery Software Addresses All Lost Partition Causes

Find the finest partition recovery software and learn the reasons why data was lost

Causes of Lost Partitions

Recover Any Types of Partitions

Common Reasons That Cause Deleted&Lost Partitions

Several factors may contribute to your lost partition, like partition table errors, file system changes and more

Disk Management Tools Malfunction

Errors or bugs in disc management tools or third-party partitioning software can sometimes cause unintended changes to the file system, which can cause partitions to be lost or removed.

Partition Table Errors

Partitioning a disc is necessary for it to function, as the OS has to know which sections of the disc it may utilise to store information. The partition table enables the OS to recognize the internal devices properly. Partitions will be lost if the table is lost, corrupted, or otherwise compromised.

Incompatible File System with OS

Even though most modern file formats are compatible with most modern operating systems, there are several notable exceptions. For example, Ext2, Ext3, and other Linux system formats are not recognised by Windows computers. If you follow Windows’advice and initialise the drive, all your files will be deleted.

File System Changes

The file system is the underlying structure used to organize and manage data on a storage medium, such as a hard drive or SSD. Changing the file system for the formatted partition (e.g., from FAT to NTFS) can damage service data and lead to lost partitions.

Operating System Reinstallation

Users often have to choose a target drive or section when installing or reinstalling an operating system. If they aren’t careful, they might choose the wrong partition to put the OS on, which would cause the data in the chosen partition to be lost.

Data Corruption

The partition table can sometimes be broken by a virus, bad disc processes, or a storage device that has been hacked. When these things happen, a lost partiton might happen.

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Recover Your Partitions and Data in a Secure Way

ONECOVERY is one of the most safest and fastest way to recover your lost or deleted data on partitions. The whole Windows computer, hard drive, usb, etc., partition recovery process is almost fully automatic on ONERECOVERY.

Unlocking the Power of ONERECOVERY: Discover its Key Advantages

Recovering lost or deleted data from any partition, including those on external and internal drives, has never been easier with this state-of-the-art software

Superb Capacity for Data Retrieval

Equipped with two scan modes, ONERECOVERY can scan the storage device for traces of the lost partition when recovering lost data. If the partition’s data has not been overwritten by new data, ONERECOVERY can often reconstruct the partition table and restore access to the lost data.

Multiple File Types Supported

ONERECOVERY supports recovering 1000+ types of files in the partition, including common videos formats like AAC, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, MP4, audios formats like MP3, AIFF, AIF, images formats like JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF, and other file formats like MSG, PST, OST, EML, EMLX, MBOX, RAW, etc. So there’s no need to stress over the inaccessibility of your lost/deleted files.

Compatible with a Variety of Partition Loss Scenarios

Whether the partition loss is due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus attack, or other causes, ONERECOVERY, with its advanced two scanning modes, can help you find all the lost data in minutes.

Reviews and Users Comment

Eric Boyd

"As a freelance photographer, losing all my photos from a recent shoot was a nightmare. Thankfully, ONERECOVERY came to the rescue and recovered every single image! It not only retrieved the photos from my USB drive but also restored files from a corrupted memory card. I cannot emphasize enough how crucial ONERECOVERY was!"

David L. Campbell

"I accidentally deleted an entire folder of precious family photos from my USB drive, and I thought they were gone forever. But then I discovered ONERECOVERY, and it brought back all those cherished memories! This software is incredibly powerful and user-friendly. It helped me recover all my photos quickly and efficiently."

Julie Toms

"I was devastated when my external hard drive crashed, and I lost all my important work files. Thankfully, ONERECOVERY saves my day! It effortlessly recovered my lost partition and files, including crucial documents. This software is truly a game-changer, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs reliable data recovery."

Cindy J. Moore

"I had a major panic attack when I emptied my recycle bin without realizing that it contained an important project I had been working on for weeks. That's when I turned to ONERECOVERY, and it performs so well! It successfully retrieved the deleted files from the recycle bin, including not only my project but also other valuable documents. Thanks!"

James K. Phillips

"I recently bought a new computer and accidentally deleted the wrong partition during the setup process. I was devastated at that moment. Thanks to ONERECOVERY, I was able to recover all my lost data effortlessly. "

George F. Ferguson

"ONERECOVERY deserves a standing ovation! I had a power outage while working on an important project, and when I restarted my computer, my hard drive was corrupted. I thought everything was lost until I used ONERECOVERY. It recovered all my files, ensuring I didn’t miss any critical data. I couldn’t have asked for a better solution. "

Frequently Asked Questions

What does lost partition mean?

  • A lost partition is one that is no longer visible or accessible from your operating system. A partition can be lost when the Master Boot Record of your hard drive is damaged or erased. You may also encounter a deleted partition which may appear as if it is lost. Data on the partition remains until the disk space is reused.

Can I restore a partition that got deleted from an external hard drive?

  • Yes, ONERECOVERY supports restore data from a variety of devices including external hard drive. Note, however, that in order to avoid erasing your deleted information again, you must suspend all activity on the hard drive.

How to restore lost partition on USB flash drive?

  • Don’t worry, you can also recover data from USB partitions with ease. Here’s the specific instruction. Download and install ONERECOVERY Partition Recovery software on your computer first, select "Lost Partition Recovery" to get started. Then, make sure the USB device connected to the computer, select the USB partition, and click "start" next. ONERECOVERY will start to scan the lost partition and in the end, you can check all recovered files and preview some photos.

How to recover deleted or lost partition in Windows 10?

  • ONERECOVERY is the professional lost partition recovery software designed for Windows, no matter your operating system is Windows 10, 11, or others, ONERECOVERY can help you all bring them back. Here’s the steps: First, download and launch ONERECOVERY first, and select a location to start recovering files, and ONERECOVERY will start scanning the lost or deleted partition to restore your lost data files. After the scanning is finished, you can preview images, videos, music, documents, Excel, PPT, and PDFs that were retrieved after the scan is complete, and recover all of your lost data.

Can an overwritten partition be recovered?

  • Recovering data from an overwritten partition is extremely challenging and often not possible. When a partition is overwritten, the original data is replaced by new information, making it nearly impossible to retrieve the original content.