This file fixer supports repairing multiple types of documents and their components, including text, images, charts, and so on.

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3 Simple Steps to Repair Files Online

Click on the button to upload the damaged file that needs to be fixed. Or simply drag and drop to add it.

Add Corrupted File

A thorough set of tasks will be performed to identify the issues in your file and fix them efficiently.

Analyze and Repair

Wait for a few moments. After the process completes, you can save the repaired file to your device.

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Support Repairing Files from Various Devices

ONERECOVERY is capable of fixing diverse documents in various formats. All the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files, or other commonly-used files will all be restored efficiently.


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When there are formatting issues or file corruption in your PDF files, ONERECOVERY will be helpful to restore them to the available state.


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ONERECOVERY is a great choice for repairing many issues in Word documents. Such as the missing text or the document cannot be opened.


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If you need to handle formula errors, unexpected crashes, or other issues with Excel files, ONERECOVERY is a practical tool that is worth trying.


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To ensure an error-free presentation, it would be better to repair the PowerPoint files by fixing the missing slides, distorted images, etc.

PS Files

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PS Files
ONERECOVERY can fix the errors in the PS files to ensure optimal printing performance and accurate representation.


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If your TXT documents become unopenable or there is a problem of data loss, a powerful file fixer like ONERECOVERY is needed.

Fix Corrupted or Damaged Files in Various Scenarios

As a versatile online tool for file repair, ONERECOVERY is always competent no matter what caused your document to get corrupted.


Bugs or Glitches in Applications

There are some common glitches in these document-processing applications, such as compatibility issues. Damaged files caused by these errors will all be fixed by ONERECOVERY.


Damaged by Incomplete Editing Process

Some sudden problems may occur in the file editing process and lead to unexpected file closure. This issue may result in file corruption with missing or mismatched content. In this situation, ONERECOVERY will help you repair the document back to its normal state.


Impact of Damaged Storage Medium

Sometimes your storage devices may get influenced by physical damage, bad sectors, or other factors. These issues will also exert a bad influence on documents stored on them. The advanced file fixer, ONERECOVERY, helps you restore the files to their intact state.

Comprehensive Solution for Repairing Damaged Files

ONERECOVERY is an expert in repairing files with all kinds of errors. We respond flexibly to the matters you face and provide customized solutions for specific issues.
Loss of Formatting
Missing Formulas
Garbled Text
Display Issues of Graphs
Error Message in Editing
Inaccessible File

More Features About ONERECOVERY File Repair Tool

In addition to document repair, ONERECOVERY also has other features that benefit users in many aspects. Try this online file fixer to unlock its full potential.

User-Friendly Operation

The concise interface and the straightforward 3-step operation enable users to repair corrupted files without effort.

High Success Rate

With a high success rate that is up to 95%, ONERECOVERY can be one of the most reliable online file repairers to restore some important documents.

Privacy Protection

After the file repairing procedure, all your personal information will be automatically removed from the server. So there is no risk of privacy issues.

Efficient Processing

By virtue of advanced AI algorithms, ONERECOVERY can recognize and fix the errors in your documents with great efficiency.

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FAQs About Online File Fixing

How to repair a corrupt PowerPoint file?

  • PowerPoint has an in-built feature to fix the corrupted files automatically. Go after the following steps.
  • Step 1. Open the corrupt PowerPoint file > select the “File” option.
  • Step 2. Click “Open” and then “Browse.”
  • Step 3. Choose “Open and Repair” in the box next to “Tools.”

How to repair a corrupted Excel file?

  • It’s a great way to use a file repair tool like ONERECOVERY. This tool is easy to use and can fix many issues with simple 3 steps.
  • Step 1. Upload the document by clicking the box or dragging and dropping.
  • Step 2. Wait for the analyzing and repairing procedure.
  • Step 3. Download the successfully repaired file.

How to fix an error that occurred while PowerPoint was saving the file?

  • You can try to solve this problem by changing the file path and name. Ensure that there are no special characters, symbols, or spaces in the file path and name. Besides that, there must be enough space on your disk to save the document.
  • If these methods cannot solve your problem, it’s recommended to turn to PowerPoint's built-in repair tool.

Best tools to repair corrupted/damaged ZIP/RAR/Archive files?

  • ➤ WinRAR Built-in Repairing Tool
  • ➤ 7-Zip 
  • ➤ Zip2Fix
  • ➤ Object Fix Zip

What is the best way to repair corrupted DOCX files?

  • The best way to repair corrupted DOCX files is to use ONERECOOVERY. It is a splendid file repair tool in the market. The software supports many kinds of file formats with user-friendly steps. Whatever problem you come across, you can always trust it to fix your files. The following steps can help you bring your files back.
  • Step 1. Upload the document by clicking the box or dragging and dropping.
  • Step 2. Wait for the analyzing and repairing procedure to be completed.
  • Step 3. Download the successfully repaired file.