How to Recover Files from a Dead Laptop

When you need to use a specific file, have you ever encountered a situation where your computer crashes, your computer gets stuck, your computer can’t be turned on, and other situations alike? When your computer is not working at all, we call it a dead computer, that is, a laptop is considered dead when the motherboard or processing unit along with the memory fails completely. Then the most important thing is how to recover the files inside. If you are looking for a solution to this problem, you have come to the right place.

Signs and Causes of a Dead Laptop

If you notice there are signs below, you may be experiencing a laptop that is dying:

Nothing shows up on the screen

No sound from the fan

The laptop boots up but doesn’t show anything

Unable to start the laptop

A laptop can die for many reasons, the most common ones include:

Physical damage to the laptop

Power issue/Battery issue

Laptop screen issue

System errors

The laptop is flooded

Faulty graphics card/RAM

The motherboard is broken

The laptop is too old

How to fix a Dead Laptop

If your laptop is not physically dead, such as by dropping it from a high place, then it is still possible to fix it yourself.

Check the power supply

An essential part of troubleshooting a dead laptop is to examine the power supply. The hard disk drive won’t function properly if the laptop doesn’t have adequate electricity.

  • Checking over the battery

Make sure the battery in the laptop is charged and inserted correctly. It could be necessary to replace the battery if it is worn out or damaged.

  • Examine the power cord.

Make sure the laptop’s power cord is connected to an outlet and the laptop is linked to the outlet properly. If you find any symptoms of damage, such as frayed or cracked wires, replace the power cord.

  • Attempt various sockets

The power socket you are using may be defective or doesn’t supply enough power. See whether the issue is resolved by plugging your laptop into a different socket.

  • Examine the power adapter.

Make sure the laptop’s external power adapter is in working condition. Look for damage indicators like frayed cables or loose connections. It could be necessary to replace the adapter if it is broken.

Check the screen issue

When the computer screen is black, many people assume that the laptop isn’t turning on, and they usually don’t think of a screen problem.

To check if the laptop is functioning properly, you might utilize an external display. Try connecting a different external monitor to the HDMI or other visual output port; if the external monitor shows a picture, the computer is working. Disconnect the external monitor if the external monitor does not display a picture, then check to see if the issue is limited to the laptop’s monitor. There may be an issue with the laptop’s monitor if the monitor is blank yet the power button or keyboard keys are lighted. You will need to ask a computer specialist for assistance in this situation.

Try a hard reboot

If your laptop abruptly shut down while you were using it, it may have been triggered by an electrical shock, disconnecting the power to the safety feature incorporated into motherboards. This prevents electrical overload on vulnerable components.

By taking out the battery, unplugging the power adapter, and keeping the power button down for 30 seconds, you can eliminate any remaining power. Reconnect the power adapter, give the system a 30-second wait, and then power it on. If your laptop powers on, shut it down one more time and install the battery once again.

Change the CMOS battery

The CMOS on the laptop motherboard is powered by a tiny round battery, which enables the BIOS to install the operating system as well as all input and output devices during the startup process.

The laptop won’t start if the battery runs out. You can change the CMOS battery yourself if you’re prepared to open the laptop case. But most people are preferred professionals’ help.

Reinstall the operating system

Another option to revive a dead laptop is to reinstall the operating system (OS), particularly if the OS is the source of the issue.

  • Get Installation Media

You’ll need installation media, such as a USB drive, to reinstall the operating system. The operating system that is compatible with the laptop should be downloaded on the installation media.

  • Boot from the installation media

Restart the laptop after inserting the installation disc. The boot menu is commonly accessed by pressing the key, which may be F12 or Esc depending on the laptop manufacturer. From the boot menu, choose the installation media to boot. 

  • Start the installation process

You will be prompted to start the installation procedure as soon as the installation media boots. To install the operating system on your laptop, adhere to the on-screen directions. Make sure that while installing the program, you choose the appropriate language, time zone, and keyboard layout.

Once the system is reinstalled, you can proceed to recover the files.

How to Recover a Dead Laptop

If you have tried many methods but are unable to run your laptop, or you find files missing after opening your laptop. Here are the methods we provide you to recover your files.

Use a laptop hard drive as an external hard drive

If your laptop is deader than dead, and there is nothing you can do to save it back. You can recover your files in this way, because it needs you to open your laptop. That may lead to additional physical damage.

  • First, take out the hard drive of the laptop.

Turn off the device. Be sure not to power it up when you take it out. Open the laptop’s case and remove the hard drive inside.

  • Second, you need a disk enclosure or hard drive connection cable.

You can use a hard disk enclosure to turn your old hard drive into an external hard drive by placing it inside. The USB port is used to establish the connection.

The cable that links your laptop’s hard drive to other computer hardware is called the hard drive connection cable.

If you don’t know what that is, that’s okay. You can search for it on Amazon or other shopping sites like the one in the picture below.

external hard drive

Please make sure that the hard disk model of your dead laptop is the same as the disk enclosure or hard drive connection cable model you are going to buy, e.g. SATA 2.5/3.5, SSD. 

  • Third, connect it to another functional computer.

Connect the drive to another computer that works well, and on another normal computer, you can read the files inside. Copy the files to the new computer.

Use a third-party recovery software

Using third-party recovery software is not the only way, but it should be the easiest. Due to the intuitive interface of third-party recovery software, it doesn’t require you to have any knowledge about the subject or to be a computer expert. The recovery software supports one-click recovery, which will help you get your files back in just a few steps. An excellent example is ONERECOVERY, which can recover files from not only laptops but also most storage devices such as USB drives, HDDs, SD cards, etc. And it can recover various types of files, almost all photos, audio, and videos can be recovered.


How to prevent your laptop from being dead

Laptops are generally not easily damaged. But we still need to be careful when we use them.

  • Develop good habits of use and don’t drop it.
  • Stay away from bad environmental factors such as water, oil, and dust.
  • Use a qualified power adapter.
  • Turn on your computer’s defender function or download antivirus software.
  • Try to use it with the power cord plugged in when you use it to better protect your laptop’s battery.

Of course, the damage to the laptop is not under our control, we can only try to minimize the possibility of laptop death.


According to the method provided in this article, no matter fixing a dead laptop or recovering files from inside a dead laptop, that is possible. ONERECOVERY is an excellent recovery software for all Windows systems and feels safe to use.


Can a dead external hard disk drive be recovered?

Yes. It is possible to recover files from a dead external hard disk drive. You can also use ONERECOVERY to recover your files.

What can I do if my HP laptop won’t turn on?

You can follow the solution above and try to see if you can fix it and get your laptop to boot up successfully.

Will the repair software tamper with the data on my laptop?

Almost all legally compliant third-party recovery software is safe to use, except for some bogus products. So be careful when looking for recovery software. You can use ONERECOVERY, which does not modify your data and is guaranteed to protect your privacy.

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