How to Recover Shift+Deleted Files on Windows?

Using the computer often employs some essential shortcut operations to enhance efficiency, for example, Shift + Delete! So, there are a lot of people who frequently mistakenly delete files by using this shortcut key combination. Well then, how do you carry out file recovery to it? Here are some solutions that we have collated.

Part 1: What is the function of the Shift+Del combination shortcut keys?

The function of shift+delete is to delete the file permanently, and restoring the file in the usual way is impossible. Disk fragmentation may occur when you press delete or shift+delete to delete the file. Whether you delete a file by pressing delete or by pressing shift+delete, you may create disk fragmentation, which is caused by the fact that the file has been scattered and stored in different places on the entire disk.

The difference between delete and shift+delete: delete will delete the file to the Recycle Bin. You need to clear the Recycle Bin manually to remove the file. Shift+delete deletes the file without going through the recycle bin, so you don’t need to empty the recycle bin manually. Delete allows you to restore the file by double-clicking on the file in the recycle bin.  After deleting, you can double-click the file in the Recycle Bin to restore the file. Shift+delete cannot restore the deleted file with the restore operation because you can not find it there.

Part 2: How to recover ‘Shift+Del deleted’ files on Windows?

Although shift-delete deleted files can’t be recovered through the recycle bin, we can still recover them through some methods. Here are a few commonly used recovery methods:

Use Recovery Software 

In general, the best way to solve the problem of deleted data is to choose professional data recovery software. Because there are many software on the market with similar functions, if you focus on the success rate of recovery and simplicity, it is recommended to choose ONERECOVERY.

ONERECOVERY is absolutely an excellent recovery software with an intuitive interface and simple steps, making it easily used by users. It supports most of the storage devices and file formats on the market. When it comes to recovering files, ONERECOVERY is highly recommended.

Step 1: Just download ONERECOVERY, and launch it.

     Please click here to download

Step 2: Select a location to start the scan.

Step 3: Preview the results. Choose the file you want to recover.

Step 4: Select a new location to save it.

Use back-up

Things will become easy if you have activated the backup feature for your Windows computer device or cloud backup like OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. You just need to find your files from the backup folder and download/copy them to your computer. The following is an example of file history:

If you have activated File History on your Windows computer, watch this:

Step 1: Type File History in the search bar

Step 2: Select Restore your files with File History, choose what you want to restore

Step 3: Select restore to save it in a new location you choose by click the green button.

Part 3: Reasons and Precautions for Other Permanent Deletion of Files

During the daily use of computers, essential files will inevitably be deleted due to misuse. In this case, it is possible to salvage the deleted data with the help of file recovery software. How can you ensure the absolute safety of your data? To ensure the safety of the files inside the computer, we have taught you how to recover the files above. Here, we will also explain the general reasons and precautions for other situations of permanently deleting files.


Here are some of the reasons why files are often deleted by mistake, and there are usually no more scenarios where you Shift+Del a file yourself than when it is mistakenly killed by the system.

Wrong System Optimization 

In order to improve the operational efficiency of a system, users are usually accustomed to optimizing it with professional tools or manually by themselves. However, the optimization process can result in the deletion of essential files. System files will be lost if a system optimization tool selects an automatic optimization plan and users do not check and adjust it carefully. Therefore, users should be careful while optimizing the system. 

Virus Infection / Virus Detection

Many people know that viruses can cause file system corruption. However, antivirus software, as the system’s barrier against virus intrusion, has won the complete trust of users, but there are also times when bugs occur. For example, a file may be deleted mistakenly believing it is infected with a virus. Therefore, users should use a safer antivirus program.

Uninstalling DLL files by mistake

When uninstalling software, users may encounter a prompt asking if they want to delete the “*.dll” file. If this is not handled correctly, it may mistakenly delete a DLL file that is also required by other programs, which may affect the normal startup of certain system functions or applications.


Although preventive measures do not entirely guarantee that files will not be permanently deleted by mistake, these methods can go a long way toward protecting the security of our files.

Enable automatic backup

As a computer is used for an extended time, some more important data will be created daily at a later stage. It is possible to back up these new data at regular intervals automatically. In that case, it will significantly enhance the security of the data, and when these files are suddenly missing, you can utilize the backup files to retrieve them.

Step 1: Open Setting > open Update & Security

Step 2: Select Backup on the left sidebar

Step 3: Back up your files in an assigned drive you want to restore, or you can add an external drive.

Installation of good antivirus software

Below are all the antivirus programs that are produced by some of the well-known major manufacturers. In terms of functionality, it will significantly reduce the number of files mistakenly killed because they are mistakenly thought to be infected with a virus, thus protecting them with greater security.

Final words

To prevent accidental deletion of files, in general, we should have to develop good habits of using the computer. Using safe and effective antivirus software would be best, and activates the computer’s automatic backup function. However, even if you do none of the above, file recovery software can still help you, such as ONERECOVERY.

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