Top 6 Best Data Recovery Software for Windows & Mac

Anyone who uses a computer will eventually need to recover lost or deleted data, and having the correct software can make all the difference. It might be challenging to pick the software that best meets your needs when there are so many possibilities on the market.

We’ve compiled 6 of the best data recovery software to aid you in making an educated choice. Our collection includes the pros, cons, and pricing of the data-retrieving software. You can browse the following table and make a quick decision:

Supported Platforms
File System Compatibility
Recovery of Various Files
Preview Feature
External Device Recovery

Pause/Resume Scan
ONERECOVERYWindows & MacNTFS, FAT, HFS+, APFS, exFAT☑️☑️☑️☑️
EaseUS Data Recovery WizardWindows & MacNTFS, FAT, exFAT☑️☑️☑️☑️
RecuvaWindowsNTFS, FAT, exFAT☑️☑️Limited
Stellar Data RecoveryWindows & MacNTFS, FAT, exFAT☑️☑️☑️☑️
Disk DrillWindows & MacNTFS, FAT, HFS+, exFAT☑️☑️☑️☑️
Recoverit Data RecoveryWindows & MacNTFS, FAT, HFS+, exFAT☑️☑️☑️☑️

If you still cannot choose the best software to recover deleted files after reading the information in the table, no worries, more detailed information will be offered in the next parts.

Top 1. ONERECOVERY (Windows & Mac)

ONERECOVERY is a fantastic solution for the best data recovery for desktop PCs and laptops with 100% safety and virus protection. You may simply recover all of your lost data from a computer’s hard disk, a USB flash drive, an SD card, or any other external storage device.

Whether your data was lost as a result of a hard drive failure, a software crash, an unintentional human deletion, or any other reason, ONERECOVERY could prevent further data loss. More than 1000 different sorts of supporting documents exist, and millions of people trust them.

main interface onerecovery


✅ Recover data from almost all types of external devices.

✅ Easy 3 steps to recover data, no need for complex steps.

✅ 95% success recovery rate.

✅ Free trial & download.

✅ Supports both Windows and Mac data recovery.


⭕ The price difference between monthly and yearly is way too narrow.


  • Free download is available.
  • And it has a cost-effective subscription plan: $4.99 for a lifetime.

Detailed Tutorial on Using ONERECOVERY: >> How to Recover Data After a Windows Computer Crashed

Top 2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (Windows & Mac)

With the use of the photo recovery tool EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you can recover up to 1000 different file formats, such as JPG, DOC, MKV, ZIP, etc. It can recover photos from lost, destroyed, or formatted Windows and Mac devices. It is also available for hard disks from computers and other portable electronics.

You can easily recover your files with this tool by following a few simple steps. Up to 2GB of deleted data can be recovered for free using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Get the software’s Pro edition if you need to recover more data.

data recovery easeus


✅ Excellent support for formats and devices.

✅ Includes choices for photo repair and file repair.

✅ Simple to use.

✅ Offers a free trial version.


⭕ Free versions only include a basic recovery function.

⭕ Batch recovery is not available.

⭕ Relatively expensive.


  • Monthly: $48.96 for Windows and $62.96 for Mac.
  • Yearly: $79.96 for Windows and $95.96 for Mac.
  • Perpetual: $119.96 for Windows and $135.96 for Mac.

Top 3. Recuva (Windows)

Recuva is also one of the best file recovery software on Windows. It supports retrieving data from various storage devices, ranging from memory cards, portable media players, external hard drives, and USB flash drives. When you are using the sidebar and grid view mode, you can preview the thumbnails of your photos so that you can easily find the necessary ones.

Besides, this file recovery software for Windows offers you other tools that are convenient to use. For instance, when attempting to recover two files with the same name, it can restore and rename files automatically.

Recuva searches for deleted data like other file recovery tools do. However, recovery is frequently impossible if the operating system has overwritten a deleted file with new data.

data recovery recuva


✅ The scanning speed is very fast.

✅ A portable version is available.

✅ Supports virtual hard drive.


⭕ No support for Mac.

⭕ Free versions only include a few features.

⭕ Recovery performance is not very good.


  • Advanced file recovery is available in the free version of Recuva.
  • Professional Edition: $19.95.

Top 4. Stellar Data Recovery (Windows & Mac)

Another best recovery tool for retrieving lost data from internal and external storage devices is Stellar Data Recovery. It offers cutting-edge features including virtual machine recovery, sector-level scanning, RAID rebuilding, and disk cloning. This file recovery software supports various popular file systems, hard drives, memory cards, and USB drives.

With support for both Mac and Windows recovery, it also provides a variety of scanning options, including quick scan for quick results and Deep Scan for an in-depth examination. The software’s user-friendly interface also makes it simple for enterprises and home users to use.

data recovery stellar


✅ Deep scan capabilities and adaptable searches.

✅ Export mailboxes to PST, Office 365, or Live Exchange, then fix corrupt EDB files.

✅ Repair corrupt Access database files, backup tables, queries, forms, and more.


⭕ Limited capabilities for previewing.

⭕ Processing the results of the scan takes a long time.

⭕ Only a few additional features are available.


  • Standard Edition: $39.99/month (Windows), $69.99/month (Mac).
  • Professional Edition: $69.99/month (Windows), $89.99/month (Mac).
  • Premium Edition: $79.99/month (Windows), $99.99/month (Mac).

Top 5. Disk Drill (Windows & Mac)

For Windows and MacOS systems, Cleverfiles has created the data recovery application known as Disk Drill. It was first released in 2010, and primarily used to recover deleted or lost files from USB flash drives, hard disk drives, and solid-state hard drives on Mac.

A Windows version of Disk Drill was made available in 2015. Disk Drill claims to be capable of recovering data (up to 500 MB for free) from “virtually any storage device,” including internal and external hard drives. It has a huge range of applications and is so straightforward in design that it’s easy to use.

data recovery diskdrill


✅ One license grants access to two Disk Drill versions.

✅ High-quality data recovery efficiency.

✅ Limitless free preview.

✅ Quick scanning.


⭕ Deep scanning consumes excessive time.

⭕ Data recovery for free is only 500 MB.


  • Pro Version: €96.14  for a year and € 539.03 for a lifetime.
  • Enterprise Version: €127.47  for a year and € 645.98 for a lifetime.

Top 6. Recoverit Data Recovery (Windows & Mac)

With just one click, the effective data recovery program Recoverit can restore deleted downloads, documents, or lost partitions.

This data recovery software has an excellent user interface and a full set of tools to restore photos and movies. If you prepare to pay more, you’ll also gain access to video repair choices and a bootable recovery tool.

data recovery recoverit


✅ Intuitive interface for newbies.

✅ Supports creating bootable recovery disks.

✅ Recovers Ultra HD, 4K, and 8K videos while keeping them intact.

✅ Free file scan and preview before recovery.


⭕ An Internet connection is required during installation.

⭕ The price difference between monthly and yearly is way too narrow.


  • Essential Edition: $59.99 for a month, $69.99 for a year, and $119.99 for perpetual use.
  • Standard Edition: $69.99 for a month, $79.99 for a year, and $139.99 for perpetual use.
  • Premium Edition: $79.99 for a month, $89.99 for a year, and $159.99 for perpetual use.


All the programs mentioned above can be considered as the best data recovery software on the market. However, these tools have different features, such as supported platforms, file system compatibility, and so on. So it’s recommendable to choose the specific one based on your actual needs.

If you want to get an easy-to-use data recovery software for Windows and Mac, ONERECOVERY is a wonderful choice. You can download it and have a try.

FAQs About Data Retrieving Software

Since there is much to discuss about the topic of data recovery software, you may still get enough information after reading the content above. No worries. This part will offer some common FAQs about recovery tools, and help you understand it better.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac?

To retrieve the files on Mac, the first thing you should do is download and install competent data recovery software, such as ONERECOVERY. Then, follow the tutorial below to get your data back.

Step 1. Choose the folder where you want to restore the data.

Step 2. Scan your Mac to find the lost data.

Step 3. Preview the files in the scan result and select the one you need. Then, click on the “Recover” button to get your deleted file back.

What is the Success Rate of Data Recovery?

The term “success rate of data recovery” refers to the effectiveness of data recovery tools in restoring lost or deleted files. It’s influenced by many factors, like the cause of data loss, the type of storage device, etc.

In general, most of the data recovery software on the market can reach a success rate ranging from 70% to 95%. When choosing the software to recover deleted files, it would be better to select a recovery tool with a success rate of at least above 90%.

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