7 Ways to Fix a PS5 Controller That’s Blinking Blue

The PlayStation 5, or PS5 for short, is a popular gaming console with a number of players around the world. One focus of the players lies in the problem of a PS5 controller light. For example, a user on AVForums was puzzled by his PS5 controller that was blinking blue. This post is just seeking to provide answers to this doubt and explore the possible solutions. if you are in such a plight at the moment, read on and you will get help from it.

Why Is My Controller Blinking Blue

A light signal or flash on a PS5 controller actually serves as a visual indicator to convey information about the device issues to users. The lit or flashing light bar tells you the current status of your PS5 controller, showing it is setting an action or facing certain troubles. 

Different colors of light flashes are corresponding to different situations on a controller. In most cases, when your controller is blinking blue, it means your DualSense is trying to connect. But if the blinking persists for a long time, there is probably some sort of fault between your DualSense and the console. According to Playstation support, various factors can result in the blue flashing. Look through the summary chart below to find out the specific reason why your device is blinking blue:

1Connectivity IssuesThis is the most common reason for a flashing blue light. Your controller may not be properly synced or there may be obstacles interfering with the wireless signal.
2Outdated Firmware or SoftwareIf your controller needs some sort of firmware or software to update, the blue light will keep blinking.
3Software GlitchesSometimes software glitches can cause your controller to malfunction and then lead to a blinking blue light. In many cases, this involves game compatibility and system updates.
4Physical DamagePhysical damages like a drop and water spillage can make internal hardware go wrong and thus trigger a flashing blue light.
5Faulty External HardwareFaulty external hardware such as ports and cables can disrupt the connection between your PS5 controller and the console, resulting in a light bar with a blinking blue light.
6Low BatteryWhen your controller’s battery level decreases below a certain threshold, your light bar will start blinking blue to inform you that it needs to be charged up.

7 Useful Ways to Fix a PS5 Controller That’s Blinking Blue

Now that you have identified why your PS5 controller is blinking blue, it is time to take a look at the potential solutions. Here we sort out seven possible methods to fix the blinking blue light problem. You can simply try them one by one until your light bar gets back to normal.

Method 1: Restart Your PS5 Controller

Generally, the light bar on your PS5 controller will remain blue flashes when it has trouble connecting to the PS5 console. According to the PlayStation website, much of the time a simple restart can address such problems. Here’s how to reboot your controller in the right way:

  1. Hold down the Power button until you hear it beep, and then release it.
picture of a ps5 controller

Image Source: How-To Geek

  1. When the light is out, unplug the device from the power source.
  2. Wait for a few seconds and then plug the power cord again.
  3. Press the Power button to reboot your controller.

Method 2: Charge Your PS5 Controller

If the blinking blue light results from a low battery, it can be fixed simply by charging your controller. The DualSense Wireless Controller Instruction Manual offers detailed guidelines regarding how to charge your controller. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Take a compatible USB cable and connect its Type-C end with the charging port on the top rear side of your controller.
a picture of a Type-C end of the ps5 controller

Image Source: Tom’s Guide

  1. Plug the other side of the cable (Type-A end) into the port on the back of your console. Ensure that the console is turned on in the process of charging.
  2. Once plugged in, you can see the light bar on your controller turn orange and it will go off when the charging is complete. After that, disconnect the two devices.

Method 3: Reset Your PS5 Controller

To fix the persistent blue flashes, the PlayStation website puts forward another effective solution: resetting your PS5 controller. You can also attempt this method when you find anything wrong with your PS5 controller. Follow the steps below to reset your controller correctly:

  1. Unplug your controller from your PS5 and make sure both your controller and console have been off.
  2. Turn your controller over and look for a small hole next to the Sony logo on the back.
a picture of the back of a ps55 controller


  1. Insert a thin, straightened, and pointy object like a pin or paperclip into the hole to press the button inside gently.
  2. Hold down for about five seconds, and you will see the light bar glow and then turn off.
  3. Now you should take away that small gadget and reconnect your controller to the PS5. Then push the PS button to resync your device.

Method 4: Disable Bluetooth Devices Temporarily

If the above methods do not help you, you can try disabling the nearby Bluetooth devices temporarily. Of course, this way is only suitable for a PS5 controller in wireless mode, but it is a rather simple process. You only need to turn off all of your nearby Bluetooth devices like speakers, mouses, and microphones, so as to make sure your controller is free of any other interference. Next, you should check if your device is still blinking blue. If it is, you will have to consider other solutions.

Method 5: Connect Your PS5 Controller via USB

While shutting down Bluetooth devices does not work, another way you can try is to connect your controller via a USB cable. Hook up a compatible USB-C cable, which does not have to be the one included with your console, and see whether your controller succeeds in connection or not. If you were already using a USB connection, you should inspect if your ports and cable are faulty. Assuming there is something wrong with your cable, you can replace it with a new one and try again.

Method 6: Update Your PS5 Controller Firmware

If unfortunately, the aforementioned methods all fail to fix the blinking blue light, there might be some issues with your PS5 controller itself. In this instance, the official guidance suggests that you try resolving the problem by updating your controller because an outdated version can lead to some connection issues and make it blink blue. Considering you are likely to miss regular updates unintentionally, the steps to update the software are as follows:

  1. Start by disconnecting your controller from the network. To close down the network connection, navigate to the Settings menu, and then click “Network”, “Settings”, and “Connect to the Internet” successively.
network page in the settings menu


  1. Go back to Settings.
  2. Select “System”, “Date and Time”, and “Set Manually” one by one.
system date and time


  1. Change the date to be one day behind and then press the “OK” button.
  2. Turn to Settings again.
  3. Click “Accessories”, “General”, and “Bluetooth Accessories” in order.
  4. Select your connected controller and choose the “Delete” option.
Bluetooth accessories page


  1. Press and hold the power button to shut down your console.
  2. Use a USB cable to connect your controller to the console.
  3. Turn on your PS5, and press the PS button. Then you should see a page that prompts you to update your controller.
  4. There you should choose to update and follow the instructions to complete the manual update process.

Method 7: Update Your PS5 Software

Based on the PlayStation guide, in addition to updating the controller, you can update your PS5 software as well. You might encounter the controller blinking blue error when you forget to complete an update for your PS5. To resolve this problem in a quick manner, please follow the below instructions step by step.

  1. Head to the Home screen and navigate to the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down to “System” and click it.
settings menu page

Image Source: MAKE USE OF

  1. Then choose the “System Software” tab and then select the “System Software Update and Settings” option from the list.
system software update and settings page

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  1. Tap on “Update System Software” from the menu.
update system software page

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  1. Next, choose the “Update Using Internet” option.
update using internet page

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  1. After you confirm the update, what you should do is just wait for the update process to be accomplished. To ensure a successful update, do not close your console in the process.


You may feel frustrated and do not know how to deal with it when you find your PS5 controller is blinking blue. However, you are capable of addressing this issue after understanding the causes and learning about the troubleshooting steps. To help you get out of the trouble, this post analyzes the common reasons that will cause the blue flashes and provides seven useful ways to fix them. Hopefully, your PS5 controller will return to normal at the end. If you find your PS5 data gets corrupted or you lose game data on ps5 after fixing this problem, you can also find a solution from the link URL. Please feel free to leave a comment and we will work hard to give you an answer as soon as possible.