Steam Deck: Where Are Games Stored

Steam Deck is a handheld gaming device that allows users to play computer games wherever they want. It lets you enjoy computer video games without being bound to a laptop or a gaming rig.

Most gamers might not be aware of the features and functions of Steam Deck, such as the Steam Deck save file location. This blog will guide you about where the games are stored on this device.

Two Types of Steam Deck Storage Options

Steam Deck offers a suitable storage capacity for your games to be stored. Valve has presented three different versions of the Steam Deck with different storage capacities of each version.

Built-in Storage for Steam Deck

Steam Deck’s built-in storage differs in all three of its versions, including 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. If you are interested in low-storage games like Vampire Survivors and Mini Motorways, you should stick to the 64 GB version; however, if you enjoy big-sized games with heavy graphics like Call of Duty or Minecraft, resort to higher storage versions.

Sometimes, even 512GB may not be enough because of large-sized games stored on Steam Deck for you. In that scenario, you must increase the Steam Deck storage through a microSD card.

Expandable Storage via MicroSD Cards

512GB could be insufficient for space-consuming games; however, insert a microSD card to overcome this problem. All three versions of Steam Deck are SD card friendly and have SD card slots.

One can easily insert and format an SD card into their device for more space and storage.

Steam Deck: Where Are Games Stored in Different Storage Options

This section will discuss detailed pathways to locate your games quickly.

Default Steam Deck Game File Location

Firstly, you have to save the file location on the default storage for Steam Deck. And then follow this path to find your saved games on Steam Deck.

After entering the desktop mode, go to:

You will find program files that contain your game data. The maximum storage capacity offered by Steam Deck is 512GB; you can expand your device’s storage by inserting an SD card.

Folder of Games on External Storage (microSD Cards)

To download games on your SD card, you need to change it to Steam Deck’s default storage. Here is a brief tutorial to perform this action:

Step 1. After clicking the “Steam” button, explore “Settings” and opt for “System.” Now, scroll down to “System Settings,” tap the format SD card, and hit “Confirm.”

Step 2. Go back to the main menu, check “Settings,” click “Storage,” and choose the “Make Default” option.

Step 3. You can find your games on the SD card under the file manager. Follow this pathway: File Manager > Root File System > Run > Media.

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Bonus Tips: How to Recover and Backup Steam Deck Game Data

There are unfortunate occasions where gamers often lose their game data. All the time and effort to gain progress in a game goes to waste as data gets deleted.

Apart from data deletion, other factors like software crashes and hard drive failures can lead to data loss. But no need to worry, as ONERECOVERY is here to save the day. It can recover your deleted data as well as back up the existing data to minimize the chances of loss.

How to Recover the Game Folder of Steam Deck

ONERECOVERY is a data recovery expert software that recovers any form of deleted or lost data. It can recover data from laptops and desktop PCs, as well as retrieve lost files on empty recycle bins, crashed laptops, and external devices. This software offers a long list of services; some of its significant features include:

  • ✅ Offer data recovery services from any data format, such as videos, photos, audio, files, and more.
  • ✅ Support 2000+ storage devices, i.e., HDD, SSD, SD cards, hard drives, CF cards, USB flash drives, etc.
  • ✅ Support both data recovery on Mac and Windows.
  • ✅ Provide 2 types of scan modes for scanning the data on your device.
  • ✅ High success rate of the data recovery.

Here is a brief procedure of how ONERECOVERY recovers lost data. But before proceeding, make sure to connect the Steam Deck to your PC.

Step 1. Select Steam Deck Location

The first step involves selecting the location where the data is deleted. During the process initiation, the primary interface will display “Hard Drives and Locations” on the left-hand side. You may proceed in two ways: selecting a hard disk from “Hard Disk Drives” or a desktop from quick access.

Step 2. Scan the Device

There will be a deep scan after selecting the Steam Deck game file location. It scans all files in a minimum amount of time. The interface shows real-time scanning results so you can preview your recoverable files anytime.

Step 3. Preview and Recover

While processing, you can preview the recovery file. You can quickly preview a file by pressing it for an additional window with the file details. Once you have reviewed the files, hit “Recover” to retrieve your data.

How to Backup Steam Deck Game Data

Steam offers you a very helpful backup tool to save your game data securely. Follow these steps to back up your game files now.

Step 1. Once you have launched “Steam library,” right-click the title of the game and select “Properties.”

Step 2. Open the “Installed Files” drop-down menu, opt for the “Backup Game files,” and press “Browse.” Select the backup creation folder and hit “Create Backup” to start processing.

Step 3. After the process completion, open the “Folder” to send copies of backup files.


Gaming data and progress are precious to gamers; therefore, knowing where the games are stored on the Steam Deck device is essential. Although Steam Deck gives its users a flawless gaming experience anywhere, accidental deletion of data is a big problem.

Gaming data and progress are precious to gamers; therefore, knowing where the games are stored on the Steam Deck device is essential. Although Steam Deck gives its users a flawless gaming experience anywhere, accidental deletion of data is a big problem.

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