Erin Lo

I'm thrilled to be part of the OneRecovery team as a writer. I'm passionate about simplifying the complex world of data recovery and making it easy for everyone to understand. My focus? Well, I love diving into tutorials on hard drive recovery, crash computer data retrieval, photo repair, and many more. But that's not all—I'm all about exploring the creative side too, so expect plenty of engaging and imaginative posts on various aspects of data recovery software. Join me on this journey as I share insights, tips, and tricks that make data recovery a breeze!

How to Colorize a Black and White Photo in Photoshop

Nowadays, image coloration is a new technology that helps you assign color to a black-and-white photo and make it more visual and attractive. However, it is generally accepted that colorizing an image with Photoshop is a sophisticated task for a common user. But don’t worry, here, we will share detailed methods on colorizing black-and-white photos…

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How to Transfer Photos to External Hard Drive [Windows, Mac, iPhone& Android]

Nowadays, we prefer to take digital photos to record unforgettable moments, selfies, families, etc. using our phones, cameras, and other devices. However, those photos always take up much of our devices’ storage space, leading to slow operating speed and other malfunction issues. It is wise to transfer those memorable photos to external hard drive devices….

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