How to Fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error Quickly

The Steam Deck is a robust PC gaming handheld device that enables a console-like gaming experience. It has a cloud synchronization feature that prevents you from losing your settings, progress, stats, and other game data when switching from PC to the Steam Deck.

But just like every other device, Steam Deck can experience some hiccups, causing data loss or game progress issues. Hence, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide on how to resolve Steam Deck cloud sync errors.

The Common Types of Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error Message

Steam Deck saved data allows you to pick up from where you left off, even when you switch to another device. When the cloud sync feature doesn’t work out as expected, understanding the error message becomes crucial to getting a solution.

Below are the common synching Steam Deck error messages:

Steam Cloud Conflict

This error message pops up when there is a difference between the local game data on your device and the version stored on the Steam Cloud. This is often due to playing the game on a different device without proper synchronization with the Steam cloud.

When this error happens, Steam gives you the option to select between the local and cloud versions. It’s important to select the version with updated and accurate data because your decision will overwrite the conflicting data on the other storage.

Failed to Sync with Steam Cloud

Steam Deck not syncing to the cloud indicates a breakdown in the process of updating your local game data to the cloud storage. This could arise from internet connection issues or conflicts in the game data.

To solve this, check if the internet connection is stable. Alternatively, check for disputing data in your local and cloud storage.

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Steam Cloud Storage Ful

As is well-known, Steam Cloud provides a limited storage space for each user. Sometimes, a pop-up window marked “Steam cloud storage full” is displayed to notify users that their allocated storage space has reached its limit. To fix this, delete unnecessary or obsolete files.

Alternatively, large files in your Steam cloud that are not often used can be transferred to another storage. You can also upgrade your Steam cloud storage plan to contain more data.

Steps to Fix the Errors of Synching Steam Deck

Experiencing problems with synching Steam Deck data can be very annoying and frustrating. Below are 3 basic steps to fix “Steam Deck unable to sync” errors.

Check Internet Connection

The first step to solving Steam Deck cloud sync not working is to ensure you have an active and strong internet connection. An unstable and weak connection often leads to Steam Deck not synching to the cloud.

Alternatively, this issue could be associated with your IP address. This happens when your IP address is blocked by the target servers on Steam. When this happens, try using a different network on your Steam Deck.

Verify Steam Data Status

“Steam Deck unable to cloud sync” can also be caused by Steam. When Steam Servers get down, there will be a sync error with your Steam Deck. To be sure about this, check official websites like Steam Stat to confirm if other users are complaining.

Furthermore, every Tuesday by 7 PM EST is scheduled for Steam server maintenance. During this period, there will be a shutdown of the Steam cloud, which may lead to Steam Deck cloud sync errors.

Resolve Common Cloud Sync Errors

Other cloud sync errors can be resolved by following these steps:

👉 Restart Steam Deck: Sometimes, restarting your Steam Deck can be a straightforward solution. You can open the main menu by pressing the Steam button, and then selecting Power > Restart. Perhaps your device doesn’t respond because of other software issues. Long press the Power button to force the restart.

👉 Check for Game and System Updates: Ensure the game you are playing and the Steam Operating System are updated to the latest version. This will grant you access to all bug fixes released by either Steam or the game developer.

👉 Verify Game File Integrity: Open your Steam Client, go to Game Library, and right-click on the game you’re experiencing an issue with. Select Properties, go to the Local Files tab, and click on Verify Integrity of Game Files. This action compares your local game files with the files on the Steam cloud. Any discrepancies or corrupted files are identified and automatically fixed.

👉 Adjust Steam Cloud Settings: Optimize settings to ensure proper synching and avoid conflicts. Configure the settings to your preference to improve how Steam Cloud handles game data.

👉 Delete and Resync Cloud Files: If the Steam Deck cloud sync error continues, delete problematic files and trigger a fresh sync for a clean start.

👉 Contact Steam Support: If the problem continues, contact Steam Support for personalized assistance.

Bonus Tip: How to Recover Data Loss Due to a Sync Error

In addition to Steam Deck cloud sync not working, factors like software crashes and hard drive failure can lead to loss of data. For the safety of your game data, it’s advisable to have reliable data recovery software like ONERECOVERY, which serves as an ultimate solution for retrieving deleted or lost data from various types of storage devices, such as SD cards, USB Flash drives, and gaming devices.

Beyond retrieving data from the cloud, this software has many other benefits, such as:

  • It’s capable of restoring lost data on all gaming platforms, including Steam, PS4, PS5, XBOX, etc.
  • ONERECOVERY is a premier choice for Mac data recovery.
  • This software can restore deleted files from the recycle bin and 2000+ storage devices like SDD, USB, SD cards, hard drives, etc.
  • It’s recommended for its high success rate, ease of use, and compatibility with a wide range of external devices.

To get started, connect your Steam Deck to your PC and follow these steps:

Step 1. Select Steam Deck Location

Launch the software and select your Steam Deck, which will display as an External Disk Drive.

Step 2. Begin Scanning

Initiate the scanning process. The software will conduct a deep scan of the Steam Deck, going through all files, including corrupted, deleted, and existing data.

To quicken the process, you can use the “search bar.” Type in the name of the specific folder/game you wish to scan and search. Then, double-click when it pops up.

scan folders onerecovery

Step 3. Preview and Recover

Go through the retrieved file and click Recover to save to any folder on your PC.


One of the most disheartening pop-ups gamers hate to see is the “Steam Deck cloud sync error.” When this pops up, there is a fear of loss of data and progress. But with the tips shared above, you can rest assured that your data, settings, and progress will be saved. In addition, you can enjoy full PC data recovery software using ONERECOVERY – a tested and trusted third-party tool.

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